Two day training for EMDR Clinicians presented by Elan Shapiro

Dates:               05 & 19 February 2022

Presenter:       Elan Shapiro

Time:                09:00h to 14:00h

Cost:                 €125.00 (for both days)

CPD:                  9 EMDR hours have been approved for this 2 day event



This is a Not for Profit Event – All profits will be allocated to funding TRNi Research

Workshop Outline: 

This training has three parts that permit flexibility for remote delivery since they can be done seperately or together:


Part 1:  This is an introduction, overview and preparation for Parts 2 & 3 of G-TEP – includes Powerpoint presentation and videos.

Part 2:  This is a guided role play practice with the trainer who demonstrates delivering the procedures of the protocol script with the structured steps of the G-TEP worksheet and answers questions.


Part 3a:  This is an experiential practice delivering the protocol as a group leader and receiving it as a group member.  The practice is conducted in groups of four, closely supervised by the trainers.

Part 3b:  (optional) A follow up meeting for Q & A / feedback after using G-TEP (use at least once / at least individually)

After completing all 3 parts of the remote G-TEP training, although this is equivalent to the usual full G-TEP training, participants are advised to work initially individually to gain experience.  They can work with small groups face2face and also remotely after gaining sufficient experience and technical expertise.  Supervision is recommended.

Elan Shapiro Bio:

Elan Shapiro, a British and Israeli Psychologist and EMDR Institute Facilitator & Consultant, is internationally well-known in the EMDR world for his pioneering work on developing EMDR protocols effective for early trauma response, R-TEP and its simplified application the G-TEP are effective and very useful tools that can be used, in part or whole, in everyday therapy practice.  Note that the G-TEP can also be used for families, couples or even individually in some circumstances, since it utilises a large worksheet format that enables drawing or writing responses.  Both protocols have been developed for treating fresh trauma experiences, as well as ongoing traumatic stress following adverse life-changing experiences.  Elan has already trained over 300 EMDR clinicians in Manchester, London, Newcastle, Plymouth and Wales during the last two years.  He won the 2016 David Servan Schreiber Award for his outstanding contribution to EMDR therapy in the development (with Brurit Laub) of the Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP), with its variation of the Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP)






 Update for Structured Case Conceptualisation & Treatment Planning – Dr. Derek Farrell MBE

Date:                 03 July 2021

Presenter:       Dr. Derek Farrell MBE

Time:                10:00h to 16:00h

Cost:                  €55.00


6 EMDR CPD Hours approved for this Workshop

This is a Not for Profit Event – All profits will be allocated to funding TRNi Research

Workshop Outline: 

EMDR is an internationally recognised, empirically supported treatment for pathogenic memories. Despite its substantiative growth in the last 30-years, EMDR is still viewed with certain degrees of scepticism, particularly amongst other contemporaneous treatment interventions, particularly around its teaching and learning, and secondly, its research and development strategy.

For the purpose of this workshop a comprehensive review of EMDR will be undertaken, stripping back to the core architecture of each of the eight phases, and then expanding upon the adaptive information processing framework, its usefulness in making sense of clients, and then using it to determine effective, and efficient treatment planning and strategy.  In addition, the workshop will explore the next generation of EMDR, and how this may impact on clinical practice and policies, teaching & learning, research & development, and trauma capacity building.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Critically consider EMDR as an eight-phase protocolised treatment intervention
  2. Reflect on the application of AIP as a theoretical framework pertinent to pathogenic memories, and how these impacts on case conceptualisation and treatment planning
  3. Explore the utilisation of EMDR therapy as either a sole, serial or parallel treatment intervention
  4. Offer a critical review of the next generation of EMDR in terms of policies, practice, training, research and capacity building

Dr. Derek Farrell MBE Bio:

Dr Derek Farrell MBE is a Principal Lecturer in Psychology, an EMDR Therapy Europe Accredited Trainer and Consultant, a Chartered Psychologist, Scientist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and an Accredited Psychotherapist with the British Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP). He is past President of the EMDR UK & Ireland Board, President of Trauma Aid Europe, President of Trauma Response Network Ireland, Past Vice President of EMDR Europe Board, Chair of the EMDR Europe Practice Committee and a participating member of the Council of Scholars Future of EMDR Project. He is involved in Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building programs in Pakistan, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, Poland, Philippines, Palestine and Iraq. His PhD in Psychology was researching survivor’s experiences of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy and he has written several related publications. Derek was the recipient of the ‘David Servan Schreiber Award’ (2013) for Outstanding Contribution to EMDR Therapy, shortlisted for the prestigious Times Higher Education Supplement (TES) Awards (2017) for ‘International Impact’ for his Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building work in Iraq with the Free Yezidi Foundation and Jiyan Foundation for Torture and Human Rights, and awarded the Trauma Aid Europe ‘Humanitarian of the Year Award’ (2018). In 2020 Derek became a Member of the Order of the British Empire, as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours, for his contribution to Trauma and Psychology.




Presented by Elan Shapiro, R-TEP and G-TEP Protocols for EARLY INTERVENTION EMDR 

A two-day training workshop – 12 CPD Points approved by EMDR UK & Ireland Association 

This workshop is first and foremost a training event to equip participants with cutting edge EMDR protocols for recent trauma and mass trauma events. These protocols can also be used effectively for the treatment of on-going disturbing events whether historical or recent.

Venue: Dublin Fire Brigade Training Centre, Malahide Road, Marino, Dublin 5

Dates: Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September 2019 

Cost: €225 for two days – light lunch and tea/coffee included 

Contact: Sonjia on 01 902 5020 

Email: Trauma Response Network Ireland