Online Workshop

(This is a TRNI Fundraiser – Not for Profit Event)

Date:  Saturday 17 February 2024


Time:  10:00h to 16:30h


Cost:  €150


Presenters:  Professor Derek Farrell MBE, EMDR Europe senior accredited Trainer

                        assisted by Johnny Moran, EMDR Europe Adult and C&A accredited Consultant


CPD:  6 CPD Hours approved by EMDR All-Ireland Association


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Workshop Outline:

The Consultants’ Refresher Day Workshop is open to EMDR Accredited Consultants and Consultants in training who have completed the 5-day EMDR Consultants Training Programme.

It presents an opportunity to be among peers to explore EMDR Consultant Supervision, Clinical Practice and other issues related to being an EMDR Consultant / Supervisor.

The core role of the EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant is, through the provision of clinical supervision and consultant, to ascertain theory-to-practice integration in competency-informed EMDR therapy.

That said, the reality is more EMDR clinicians undertaking EMDR training do not seek accreditation than do.  Conversion from completion of EMDR training to EMDR Europe accreditation is a vexatious issue.

This workshop aims to explore EMDR Consultants’ experiences in providing EMDR Clinical Supervision.

The first section of the day will capture and then landscape EMDR Consultants’ experiences – positive and negative.

The second section will involve re-exploring the current EMDR Euope Accreditation Guidance (Practitioner / Consultant) and the University College London IAPT Competency Framework.  This section will also include a Q&A session to address concerns and inquiries.

The third section will consist of several problem-based learning exercises to address challenging issues that may arise during EMDR clinical supervision and explore how best to deal with such issues.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. To support EMDR Consultants in supervision of EMDR therapists at all levels of training and experience.
  1. To explore and support the current lived experiences, positive and negative, of EMDR Consultant.
  1. To assist EMDR Consultants as ambassadors of the EMDR psychotherapy model to further support clinicians to develop their skills and to work towards accreditation as accredited EMDR therapists.
  1. To review current EMDR Europe requirements for Practitioner and Consultant Accreditation.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion, concerns, enquiries relative to the role of EMDR Consultant.
  3. To provide support and guidance on addressing challenging issues that may arise during EMDR clinical Supervision.



Prof Derek Farrell MBE – Professor in Trauma Psychology at University of Worcester (UK), EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer & Consultant, BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist. Derek is the President of Trauma Aid Europe www.trauma-aid-europe.org & Trauma Response Network Ireland www.trnireland.ie . He has been involved in several Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building programmes, including Pakistan, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Philippines, and Palestine, with ongoing projects in Iraq, Lebanon, and Ukraine. Derek has authored over 50 academic peer-reviewed publications and several book chapters and is the Co-Editor of the Journal of EMDR Practice & Research. Finally, Derek has an international reputation as a conference speaker.

Johnny Moran Clinical Director Open Minds Centre www.openmindscentre.ie , clinic specialising in treatment of Trauma. Johnny is an accredited EMDR Europe Consultant, an Accredited EMDR Europe Child & Adolescents Consultant, EMDR Institute Training Facilitator. Johnny has completed the EMDR Europe Standard Trainer in Training programme and is currently completing the EMDR Europe Child Trainer in Training Programme. Johnny is an Accredited Psychotherapist and Accredited Supervisor with IAHIP (Irish Association Humanistic Integrative Therapy). He is National Coordinator for Trauma Response Network Ireland www.trnireland.ie and is actively involved in supporting Trauma Response and Trauma Research Projects, serving on the Boards of Trauma Aid Europe and EMDR All Ireland National Association.