V-GTEP Trauma Therapy


V-GTEP Trauma Therapy

Our qualified EMDR therapists will support you in every step of your therapy journey, providing you with all instructions from the outset of the process including sharing techniques and resourcing methods to help you gain control and to become calmer, explaining  EMDR therapy procedures, assisting you in all requirements. The primary focus of EMDR therapy is to successfully treat your residue traumatic symptoms and impacts arising from your traumatic experience.

Benefits of Participating

As a volunteer, you will receive 4 EMDR therapy Early Intervention Trauma Treatment sessions focusing on your trauma symptoms including assessment, monitoring and follow up.

Application form and Consent form are required to be completed and returned to support your application.  Once your application has been processed you will be informed by email and an initial telephone appointment will be scheduled to outline the therapy process.  At this stage your first therapy session will be scheduled, followed by a further three sessions to be completed within a one week period.  Each session is scheduled to last up to two hours.

There is no charge to the participant – you simply agree to form part of the Trauma Research Study and all your details, identity will remain protected and confidential at all times.

Another advantage is that it is blind to therapists i.e. you do not have to discuss or share any details of the work trauma that you suffered.  Also as it is online you can complete your trauma sessions from any location that suits you once you have the necessary WiFi access.

Before Therapy Commences:

  • Read and agree Participant Information and Privacy Notes
  • Return completed Application Form
  • Return Consent Form
  • Complete Initial Standardised Measures

During 4 Therapy Sessions:

  • Complete Standardised Measures

After Therapy:

  • Complete Post Standardised Measures (Client)
  • Complete Qualitative Questionnaire (Therapist & Client)

Follow Up Check Ins will take place on Month 1 , 3 Month & 6 Month Anniversary