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About TRNi

Trauma Response Network Ireland (TRNi) is a not-for-profit service which provides therapy and support to people affected by a mass trauma event which happened in the last 90 days. Our service is delivered both online and face to face.

Some people can recover from psychological trauma with little or no additional support, especially if symptoms are mild. However, many people can develop chronic symptoms that can be long lasting. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the name given to describe these symptoms. The earlier symptoms can be assessed, the more the potential impact can be reduced. TRNi allows people who may be suffering trauma from a mass trauma event to be quickly assessed by a network of qualified psychological therapists.  Our initial consultation and support programme aims to identify the severity of the symptoms and from there our regional Hubs will put into place an appropriate programme  of short to medium term support.


What We Do

immediate response

TRNi is a non-for-profit service which provides early response trauma support by qualified EMDR therapists. 

trauma support

TRNi is a supplementary trauma treatment resource service to support first responders in mass trauma events and in the following 90 days.

all-ireland support

Trauma Response Network Ireland have an All-Ireland panel of trained trauma therapists.


All our Therapists and Supervisors are individually accredited members of IAHIP / IACP / BACP.  They are also EMDR trained to a minimum Level 3 EMDR and have completed the G-TEP and R-TEP advanced Early Response Training.