We are looking into mobilizing Trauma Response Network Ireland www.trnireland.ie to represent a Group of Professional Accredited Therapists who are making themselves available to offer free telephone support to the public in this time of crisis and national emergency.

What we propose to offer is a  30  minute Emotional Support Remote Talk therapy Session – various resourcing techniques can also be made available such as psycho-education, teaching tapping, breath, butterfly hug etc.  

This Volunteer Service is not being offered to include EMDR therapy at this point, rather within the frame work of Brief Solution Supportive Talk Therapy only.

The offer to contribute and join the TRNi panel is now being opened to all accredited Psychotherapists / Counsellors to offer a national response counselling resource option.   

Sessions can be provided either by video (Zoom) or by telephone.

If you are already a member of the Trauma Response Network  Ireland Panel please simply confirm your availability and best contact number.

If you are an accredited practicing therapist and you are in a position to volunteer and take some sessions can you respond by email to trnireland@gmail.com with your practice details / accreditation confirmation and include your telephone number so we will be in touch with you to follow up.